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Winter Club Availability

Permission Slips must be returned to Homeroom Teacher no later than Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Click here to print a permission slip

Improvisational Drama

Acting Without a Script.  Participants will experience a variety of acting games that will encourage creativity and ingenuity.   
○    Grades 5, 6, 7, 8
○    Wednesdays
○    Ms. Zajac

Social Club

This popular repeat club is for students who just want to “chill” after school, socialize, play quiet games, and watch movies.
○    Grade 4, Tuesdays
○    Grade 5, Thursdays
○    Ms. Rogers, Ms. Benter

Colorful Creations and Conversation Club

Simple Art Projects (watercolors, drawing and paper crafts) and Conversation
○    Grades 4 and 5, Mondays
○    Ms. Delamater, Ms. Moysey

Creative Writing Club

 Students will have the opportunity to produce creative pieces of writing and share these creations with peers and advisors.
○    Grade 6, Wednesdays
○    Ms. Delamater, Ms. Moysey, Ms. Hermance

Art Club
Group and Collaborative Art Projects who those students who excel in art or for those who want to improve their artistic talents.
○    Grades 5 and 6
○    Mondays
○    Dr. McCain
Walk and Talk

Outdoor and Indoor Walks for Exercise and Connections with Others, Problem Solving
○    Grades 5 and 6, Mondays
○    Grade 4,  Thursdays
○    Dr. Bleski

Mindfulness Mondays

Mindfulness activities, Guided Meditation and Other Relaxation Techniques
○    Grades 4, 5, 6
○    Mondays
○    Ms. Creese, Ms. Gorney

Rubic's Cube Club

Student-Led Club - For 6th graders who love Rubic’s cube or for those who want to learn more.    It is recommended that participants bring their own Rubic’s cube each day.
○    Grade 6
○    Thursdays
○    Ms. Moysey
○    Student Leaders:  Odin Guarente, Tyler Torreggiani, Rowan Vitner, Asher Weissenberg, Michael Williams