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Student Handbook


The Rondout Valley Central School District is committed to maintaining high standards of education for all students in our schools. Essential to this commitment is a safe and respectful school climate that is rooted in community, interconnectedness, inclusiveness, and clear expectations of all school community members. We believe that a code of conduct should clearly outline the rights and responsibilities of students and staff and should reflect accountability but also caring and a belief that all discipline should have an educational component that helps members of the community grow. All members of the school community, including students, parents and guardians, principals, school staff, and the district office, have rights and responsibilities that support a strong school community. To that end, disciplinary responses should focus on promoting positive relationships, intervention strategies, and the use of suspensions only as a disciplinary measure of last resort.

Student Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

The Role of Parents

The Role of School Personnel

The Role of Teachers

The Role of Building Administrators

The Role of District Administrators

The Role of Other District Personnel

The Role of the Board of Education

Public Conduct on School Property

Prohibited Student Conduct

Reporting Violations

Disciplinary Penalties & Procedures

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